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About Ferdi Vol

Ferdi Vol Owner of DJ Pro Tips
Ferdi Vol is a DJ for several years who has a passion for music and djing. He started Djing in 2015 and since then he has been doing it as his occupation.
He wants to help people with his blog become better djs, so they can enjoy the same level of satisfaction he received from Djing.

DJ Pro Tips

Ferdi Vol is a DJ for lots of years and has a passion for good music. He enjoys playing music on his DJ decks and blogging for his DJ Blog.

The Grocery Store Academy

This blog from Ferdi Vol is about grocery stores as a whole and topic for employees or customers. This site is named the Grocery Store Academy which you can check out.

Pool Uncle

Ferdi Vol also has another blog about pools and hot tubs which can be find at Pool Uncle

SEO Expert and Teaching SEO

Ferdi Vol is an expert in the field of SEO. On his personal site he is teaching students to become SEO experts. He also has a youtube channel at which he teaches SEO.  

Ferdi Vol is a Researcher as a Student on the Hague University

Researchgate Profile

Data about Ferdi Vol

Ferdi Vol

The person Ferdi Vol is the owner of the organisation Ferdi Vol. He is active in the space of online publishing, marketing and SEO. Alongside being a DJ for several years now and teaching others the same via DJ Pro Tips.

Address: Netherlands

Gender: Male

Job Title: Owner