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DJUCED vs Rekordbox (Complete Roundup)

I have already made several articles about different popular DJ software on the market, including, but not limited to Serato and Rekordbox DJ. But how about DJuiced? this software is definitely not as popular as the big 4 Softwares being used by most DJs on the United States and Europe, instead of having a small but vocal following. In this article, I compare DJuced with one of the most popular DJ software out there: Rekordbox DJ. Have you ever wondered which one is better?

And the answer is that it depends. If you are looking for a more complete DJ software that works great with Pioneer gear and are willing to pay the price of admission, go with Rekordbox. Now, if you cannot afford to pay for a DJ software right now or want to try out mixing wit Hercules controllers, it might be wise to choose DJuced. Overall I would recommend Rekordbox over Djuced for some reasons that I will talk about below, unless you definitely need to use some features only found on DJuced.

Both of these two software have their own similarities and differences, which is the main reason why I made this article. I wanted to talk a little bit about the main differences between these two programs so that anybody that is looking to choose between these two can know more about this. I will be talking about things like price, accessibility, reliability, and more. I hope you find this article useful!

DJUCED Vs Rekordbox: Main Differences and Similarities

So as I referenced above, both of these two DJ software have their own pros and cons, thus the product you pick will rely a ton upon what you are and aren't eager to settle on. Beneath, you will locate an extensive account of the primary differences between these two projects, and a couple of similarities also. Just remember that this is not a total rundown of the considerable number of differences, rather it is just a concise article about the primary and most applicable ones.

DJuced is much more affordable (it's free)

One of the strong points of DJuced is the fact that you can use this software completely free of charge, without paying a single cent. This is most of the time not the case with Rekordbox, which forces you to buy a full license that costs over a hundred bucks to use. This makes DJuced an excellent option if you do not have any money to invest in DJ software and do not want to use a free version of a more established program.

Keep in mind that there are ways to get Rekordbox for free though. Pioneer has been including a full license of Rekordbox with many of their controllers and some of their mixers, so if you haven't even bought your choice of hardware yet, it might be wise to look into Pioneer gear, especially if you want a full solution like Rekordbox or simply do not want to go out and deal with the hassle of getting something else for your controller.

Both softwares look really cool

If there's one thing that's really well done in both softwares, it's their GUI. Not only are they really functional and easy to use, but they also have this really futuristic, modern vibe that everybody digs. I was personally really impressed when I first saw how Djuced looked. It definitely gave me the impression that the software was worth at least a few hundred bucks, and you probably will have that impression too.

However, while both softwares look really good and futuristic, they are both a little bit lacking when it comes to the available skins that you can use. DJuced allows you to use a few skins, but you are only limited to what the software offers when you download it, and the same thing happens with Rekordbox. It's also important to mention that using skins is said to slightly reduce all platforms stability, which is one of the most important things that a software can have.

Rekordbox gives you more features

Rekordbox is definitely more catered towards more of the club and professional DJ crowd, and that definitely shows when you start comparing it's features with Djuced. First of all: the smart library system found on Rekordbox is excellent. It gives you the ability to organize songs in several different ways by just clicking a button, something that is super useful if you are looking for an an specific song genre to use in a particular moment.

The effects Fx are also significantly better in Rekordbox than in Djuced. They sound much more natural and deep, unlike Djuced's more virtual, canned effects, and better yet: Rekordbox gives you a higher number of both beat and sound color effects. You could even buy add-ons to increase the Rekordbox effects library if you aren't too satisfied with what they are offering.

Rekordbox is more stable

One of the things that I personally love about Rekordbox is the stability that it offers its users. I have been using Rekordbox for years now, and I hardly suffer any crashers or instability in general. Many DJs that I know often say that Rekordbox is among the most reliable platforms, and this is especially true if you pair this software with one of Pioneer's DJ. If you do so, you probably won't have any crashes at all, unless the computer that you are using the software on is faulty or is very old.

In contrast, DJuced could use some work when it comes to it's stability. It's not like the software is crashing every 30 minutes, but it often slows down unexpectedly, which is a sign of software instability. Having a fast computer and avoiding controllers that are not supported by DJuced, even though they can mix effectively, is recommended if you are going to be using this software long term. DJuced is definitely the software that suffers from most instability, which is understandable given the fact that it's completely free software. This fact shouldn't deter you from trying it out, especially considering how many features this program brings to the table.

Rekordbox supports a wider array of hardware choices

While Rekordbox is made by Pioneer and so is specifically made to work best with Pioneer hardware, Rekordbox can still work well with other controllers made by other companies without breaking a sweat. I have seen people use Rekordbox on Native Instruments, Denon, and Numark hardware without much extra customization, so if you have a controller that isn't made by Pioneer and you still want to use this software, you can definitely do so without risking instability or reduced function.

DJuced tends to have a more limited array of hardware to use. In fact, DJuced was made to work with Hercules controllers and mixers, and the software works perfectly when paired with that kind of gear. But when it comes to using controllers made from other companies, things get a little bit more complicated. I have seen instances of people using Djuced with Native Instruments controllers, but it's often not the best experience, and often the mapping needed to play comfortably reacher Traktor levels of complication. Not exactly what you want if you are just getting into DJing.

How About Other DJ Software? (Virtual DJ, Rekordbox DJ, Djuced)

In the last few weeks, I have written several complete articles about the primary similarities and contrasts of all the major DJ Softwares being used today, so if you would like to know more about them, please check my other articles. But for now, let me reveal to you that all of these Softwares are brilliant options for DJs of any sort. As you probably know, they each have their own good and bad things, so the most ideal decision unquestionably relies upon what you are willing and aren't willing to give up on.

DJUCED vs Rekordbox (Complete Roundup) In 2023
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I have already made several articles about different popular DJ software on the market, including, but not limited to Serato and Rekordbox DJ. But how about DJuiced? this software is definitely not as popular as the big 4 Softwares being used by most DJs on the United States and Europe, instead of having a small but vocal following. In this article, I compare DJuced with one of the most popular DJ software out there: Rekordbox DJ. Have you ever wondered which one is better?

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