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Pioneer CDJ-3000 Vs Denon SC6000 (Pros & Cons)

The CDJ 3000 and Denon's SC6000 are two of the best choices for DJ gear. In this article, I will tell you about their features so that it can be easier to decide which one suits your needs better! Pioneer CDJ-3000 Vs Denon's SC6000: Main Differences and Similarities So as I referenced above, both of […]

Pioneer CDJ 3000 Review (Best CDJ)

Ah Pioneer. Perhaps one of the most well known brands in the DJing universe, this company has cemented a solid reputation for solid performance, reliability, and premium feel, making it today's DJ main choice when it comes to gear and equipment. Perhaps the stalwart of Pioneer's lineup is the acclaimed CDJ series. Short for Compact […]

Serato DJ Lite vs Pro: (Complete Comparison)

It's often said that DJ software changed the DJ business as we know it. In fact, Properly using a DJ software is near, if not just as important as learning how to use a controller. Not only that, but the choice of which software to use is one of the most important decisions a DJ […]

The 10 Best DAWs For DJ Producers (Tested)

While most DJs out there are going to be focused on the things that are most associated with the art, such as mixing and other technical aspects of DJing, the truth is that there is a branch of this art that is less known and less talked about, and that is music production. In fact, […]

How to Use a DJ Controller (Handy Tips)

DJ controllers work by transmitting modified sound signals to a computer or laptop software, which in turn combine the sounds to create a completely new mix. In essence, controllers do not work by mixing the passages, instead, the controller sends said passages to a DJ software, where the final sound modification is done. DJ controllers […]

Rekordbox vs Serato vs Traktor vs Virtual DJ

Aside from using a controller or a CDJ, one of the most important pieces of equipment that a DJ must learn how to use is DJ software. And when it comes to DJ software, there are several solutions in the market. The most popular DJ programs on the market are Rekordbox, Serato, Traktor, and Virtual […]

The Best DJ Turntables on the Market (Tested)

In the world of DJing, a few pieces of equipment identify someone as a DJ as much as turntables. While some might argue that they have been displaced and overshadowed by electronic solutions such as controllers and CDJs, there's no doubt that they are still an excellent choice for anybody serious about this craft, especially […]

How to Find Songs that Go Well Together (While Djing)

One of the most important things that a DJ must keep in mind when he starts his career is the type of songs that he's going to be using. In fact, it's often said that song variety is among the most crucial things to ensure a quality mix, and this is something that you must […]

Digital Vinyl Systems (A Step by Step Guide)

As I mentioned In an article a few weeks ago, there are many DJs that are ditching their controllers and CDJs and are now preferring the more old-school feel of the turntable. This switch has several pros and cons, plus several differences, one of them being that using turntables requires the use of something called […]
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