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Traktor vs Virtual DJ (Detailed Comparison)

By Ferdi Vol
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EDIT: I wrote this article several months ago, but the Virtual DJ developers have come up with a brilliant feature that comes in Virtual DJ 2021 so I decided to write a little bit about it here. It is definitely a game-changer and something that makes me like Virtual DJ even more. The feature is called Stem-mixing, which is a function which replaces the traditional EQ bands with vocals, bass, hi-hat, beat, and more, meaning that you can do things like completely shutting off the vocals parts of a song on certain parts to encourage the crowd to sing or just leaving the kick-drum to transition to a different song. In short, this feature definitely distinguishes Virtual DJ even more from the competition, and you should really check it out if you aren't sure which software to use long term.

One of the most important things that any DJ must think about when taking DJing seriously is DJ software. Not only should you be using the most capable programs out there, but they should also be intuitive, easy to use, and of course, reliable! And two of the software that definitely meets these criteria is Traktor and Virtual DJ. Now, have you ever wondered which one is better for you?

And the answer is that it depends. If you are looking for a DJ software that has a more flexible price point and more versatility with a wider array of DJ controllers, choose Virtual DJ. Now, if you are looking for something a little bit more polished, with better sound effects, choose Traktor instead. Both are excellent choices for any DJ looking for a long term solution when it comes to DJ software.

Both of these two software solutions are versatile enough to able to be used by most DJs out there, but the truth is that they both have their own similarities and differences, meaning that depending on what you prefer on your software, you might want to choose one over the other. In this article, I make a comprehensive list of the main differences between these two very common programs. This article will be perfect for anybody looking to choose between these two, so if this is the case, read on!

Virtual DJ vs Traktor: Main Differences and Similarities

Both Virtual DJ and Traktor have a very solid track record and a significant presence in the DJ software business. Both are excellent choices for any DJs and you honestly can't go wrong choosing any of these two, but if you are looking for more niche or less common features, it might be wise to read the following information below.

Virtual DJ can be more affordable or more expensive (depending on the version that you choose)

One of the big pros about Virtual DJ is the fact that the manufacturers give you more options when it comes to the pricing. There are several price points that you can choose, including paying 19 dollars monthly for Virtual DJ pro, and paying 299 for a lifetime license. This is perfect if you do not have enough money to pay for the full deal or are just trying the software out.

This doesn't mean that all the price points are attractive though. Virtual DJ offers a business license which is over 60 dollars a month, with the option to bill it annually. This business license gives you more personalized support from Atomix, which might be really useful for some of you, but honestly it's hard to swallow that proposition at that price point.

In contrast, Traktor is much less versatile when it comes to the price points. You could technically get a free month of Traktor when buying certain controllers, but

Virtual DJ is compatible with a wider array of hardware

Traktor is great and everything, but one of the cons of that software is the fact that you can't use it with every controller out there. In fact, mapping keys with a custom hardware can be a nightmare, and it's definitely one of the main disadvantages of this software. This is definitely not the case with Virtual DJ.

Virtual DJ is much more compatible with the vast amount of controllers and hardware out there. You don't have to do any complicated mapping. depending on the controller that you have, you might be able to start playing without doing any kind of setup, which is perfect for both newbies and people looking to start playing as quickly as possible. Virtual DJ is definitely the better and more intuitive choice when it comes to this.

Traktor looks and feels more polished

One of the things that Traktor does better than Virtual DJ is the look of the interface. In fact, Traktor definitely wins when it comes to sheer eye-candy and polish, and while this doesn't mean that Traktor is superior when it comes to the ease of use, you should definitely consider this software if having a futuristic looking, and modern interface is of importance to you.

In contrast, the interface of Virtual DJ doesn't look as good as the one found on Traktor. In fact, some people say that it looks toy-like and childish, and I would corroborate on that. The interface definitely looks less professional, but that doesn't take away any functionality. It's just something to keep in mind for those who really care about how their software look.

Also, keep in mind that both of these two software gives you the option to use skins, which is a way to add a personal touch to the main interface. This function is perfect if you do not like how Virtual DJ or Traktor looks, however just keep in mind that using these skins has the added possibility of affecting the software's reliability.

Traktor has better sound effects

One of the main distinguishing factors between Traktor and Virtual DJ is that the former's sound effect sound better and more real compared to the latter's effects. It's one of the things that I really like about Traktor personally and many people do too. In contrast, the sound effects found on Virtual DJ aren't as good as other software out there. This is one of the main things that people do not like about this software.

The sound effects of Virtual DJ tend to sound a bit more artificial and "canned", and while the developers have worked hard to introduce effects that sound more natural, the truth is that the effects could be better still. Also, the sound in general that Virtual DJ produces is said to be a little bit inferior, at least when compared to the sound emitted by Traktor.

Keep in mind that Virtual DJ does features some sound effects that sound very real, but they simply do not compare to the ones found on Traktor. The truth is that most people won't notice a difference though. Most people will probably be fine with using the Virtual DJ effects, unless if the DJ mixing is very picky with the sound.

Virtual DJ has better remote use options

One of the main selling points of Virtual DJ since it was created was the fact that you could use the software to play music using machines other than traditional computers. We are talking about using things like iPhones and tablets to DJ instead of the usual laptop, and this is something that you can do with Virtual DJ, making the software much more versatile.

As of the time of writing, Traktor doesn't support these features, which is a shame since everybody carries around a smartphone these days. I'm pretty sure that they are working on these features since they are more and more demanded as each day goes by, but as of the most recent version, they do not provide it yet.


If you want to watch a video about Traktor Pro 3 or Virtual DJ you can watch them below.

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