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Pioneer XDJ RR Vs XDJ RX2 (Complete Comparison)

One of the most lauded and covered controller lines in the market is Pioneer's acclaimed XDJ series. Long known for their technological innovations and excellent quality throughout, the XDJ series has long been a favorite among DJs around the world. Two models on this line, the XDJ RR and the XDJ RX2 are often compared with each other. Have you ever wondered which one is the best choice?

The answer is that if you want a more complete controller, with more FX, a touch screen, and better build quality, I'd recommend that you go for the RX2. However, if you are looking for something more affordable, more compact, and lighter, I would advise that you choose the RR instead.

Both are great choices for anybody looking for something with more features than the average entry-level controller but aren't yet ready to get CDJs.

You could consider the XDJ RR and the XDJ RX2 to be Pioneer's intermediate level controllers, with the CDJ and DDJ models above and below it, respectively. In this article, I talk a little bit more about these two controllers, which features does one have that the one doesn't and vice-versa. I will also talk about their similarities too. All in all, this article will be really useful for anybody looking to purchase one of these two players and aren't sure which one to choose. I hope you find this article useful!

XDJ RR vs XDJ RX2: Main Similarities and Differences

So while I personally love these two players and I wouldn't hesitate to buy either of them, they aren't completely the same though. If you are looking for a specific feature, there's the chance that one might have it while the other doesn't, so because of this I decided to write down the main differences between these two controllers, while adding some similarities as well.

The XDJ RX2 is bulkier and twice as heavy

One of the main and most obvious differences between these two controllers is the fact that the RX2 is significantly heavier than the RR. I'm honestly not completely sure why that's the case, but it's definitely one of the things that I dislike about the RX2. I tend to be on the move a lot, plugging and unplugging my equipment and going from one gig to another often, so I tend to prefer lighter and more portable equipment. If this is also your case, you might want to consider the RR instead.

Not only is the RX2 heavier, but It's also much bigger dimension-wise too. The RX2 does come with a very useful bag when you buy it new, but you might not get it if you are thinking of buying it used, which in that case means that you are going to buy a bag to move the controller around securely. In contrast to the RX2, the XDJ RR is much more portable and lighter thus moving it around is much easier.

The XDJ RX2 feels better made

As I said in the last paragraphs, the XDJ RX2 is heavier and bulkier and it definitely shows in the build quality. I think the XDJ RX2 is heavier because it uses heavier and higher-quality materials throughout. It feels substantial and the pads are made with high-quality rubber material. While both models use a capacitive jog wheel, the one found on the XDJ RX2 is much easier to use.

You will also feel a noticeable difference in the RX2's faders, especially the crossfader. They do not feel as plasticky and cheap as the ones found on the RR, which is kind of expected at the RX2's price range. If you tend to use the crossfader a lot for specific musical genres, then you might want to strongly consider the RX2 over the RR.

The XDJ RX2 is much more expensive

The XDJ RX2 is positioned above the RR in Pioneer's model line, and so it's obviously more expensive, but you might not imagine just how expensive. I have seen RX2 for "sale" for 1,600 dollars, which is a lot of money especially for new or younger DJs. The RR can be purchased in the $850-950 price range, which is much more manageable.

While the RR is the more affordable option, this doesn't mean it's the best bang for your buck though. I personally think that the XDJ RX2 is a better deal even though it's more expensive, This is because of the myriad of features it gives you for the price. Some people call the XDJ RR a glorified DDJ, and while that might be going too far in my opinion, I do think that it's missing a few features that It should have at that price point.

The XDJ RR has fewer inputs

One of the downsides of the XDJ RR is the fact that it has fewer inputs than the RX2. While this isn't a deal-breaker for some people, if you are serious about DJing, you are going to love the added versatility that the extra inputs give you. The RX2 has two microphone inputs, two phono, and line inputs each, which will come in handy if you are going to be connecting more than one mic or something like a turntable.

Again not everybody is going to be using the extra inputs, especially if you are a bedroom DJ. However, I do recommend that anybody that is starting to mix in gigs to get something with more connectivity options. After all, you do not know when they will come in handy.

The XDJ RX2 has more FX

A big difference between these two controllers is the fact that the RX2 features more FX to use compared to the XDJ RR. Effects, or FX for short, can be classified into two main groups: beat FX and sound color FX, which change the behavior of the beat and the feel of the music, respectively. The RX2 features a staggering 8 beat FX and 4 sound color FX, which will be more than enough for 90% of us.

Unlike it's bigger brother, the XDJ RR only has 3 beat FX and 4 sound color FX, which might be enough for some DJs out there. If having a diverse amount of effects at your disposal is something that you can't live without, then choosing the RX2 over the RR is obviously the best choice. But if it isn't that important to you, then saving some money and getting the RR might be the wiser choice instead.

The XDJ RR doesn't have a touch screen

One important consideration to think about when choosing between these two controllers is that the XDJ RR doesn't have a touch screen, while the RX2 does have one. Not everybody needs a touchscreen though, but if you are the kind of guy that is used to using one to change tracks and use effects, it might be hard to go back to a traditional screen.

This is one of the reasons why the RX2 is more expensive. A controller with a touch screen means a more expensive controller which is a big con, but aside from that, I do know some DJs that tend to prefer gear without touchscreens, claiming that they are much more susceptible to water damage and tend to be more fragile overall. So if you agree with this sentiment and prefer a normal screen, It might be wise to go with the RR instead.

The XDJ RX2 has a booth output

One of the features that are missing on the XDJ RR is a booth output. If you do not know what that is, a booth output is an output that allows you to control the music on the booth so that's it's different from the master. This means that a DJ inside a booth can make the sound lower on the booth, while the master is unaffected. This can be useful for several reasons.

The first and most obvious reason why this is useful is because of hearing protection. It's no secret that DJs need to make a conscious effort to protect their precious ears, and lowering the volume on the booth combined with wearing noise isolating headphones will do a lot in this regard.

The other reason why it's useful is that you receive a mix with no EQ modification, which means that you can listen to what it sounds like without changing the sound coming from the master. Aside from this, there are many other useful things that you can do with the booth output, and many DJs certainly use it a lot.

If you want to get the Pioneer DJ XDJ RR you can click on the link to get it.

If you rather want to go with the Pioneer DJ XDJ RX2 you can click on this link to get it.

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