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25 (Absolute Best) Acapella Sites for DJs

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Using acapellas in your mix can really enhance the experience of your set. Yet it is often very hard to find acapellas online. I did research about all the online places DJs get their acapellas from. I have made a list of both premium and free sources.

So, where can I get acapellas from?

You can get acapellas online through various resources. There are premium services and free services which let you download acapellas online as well as a DIY resource that lets you create your own acapellas.

If you want to learn more about acapellas and where to get them you can read further where I will explain all these things.

What are acapellas

An "acapella" is a song with no instruments. People sing together.

It's hard to have an acapella song because you need to be really good at singing. It is very difficult for just one person to sing well, but if there are more people they can help each other by having harmonies and singing different parts of the song, making it easier for them to sound better.

A lot of times people will mix in some instrument sounds or beats with their voices so that it doesn't sound like they are just singing by themselves.

2 Types of Acapellas

There are 2 types of acapellas you can get. There are all original acapellas and there are commercial studio acapellas. The differences will be explained down below.

All Original Acapellas

All original acapella music is vocals produced and written by unsigned singer-songwriters. Amongst the two types of acapella music, these original tracks are the hardest to get. That is because most of these artists do not have adequate advertising opportunities. So, you have to look for a while if you want to find them

Thankfully, there are now websites where they can upload their music. And these websites, in turn, distribute these acapella tracks between music producers and DJs. Ultimately, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

However, sites like these have a downside for people looking to download acapella music. You see, the problem with sites like these is that they are pretty much independent of what they have uploaded. You can’t influence their collection. That's because all of it is uploaded according to the writers and terms of the website.

Commercial Studio Acapellas

If you want to create a bootleg, mashup, or simply a remix. You have to find a studio acapella. These are officially released vocal-only tracks that are published by the artists or record labels on the artist's behalf.

Another way to get commercial studio acapella tracks is to create them yourself. These are called DIY acapella music and they are surprisingly easy to make. Don’t worry, I will provide the link to a tutorial for making DIY acapella at the end of this article. That will save you the hassle of looking around the internet.

All Sources Summary

I have made a data table with all the sources DJs get their acapella music from online. I’m reviewing every site in this data table based on its viability and accessibility.

Acapella 4 YouFree
Acapellas 4 UFree
Datpiff AcapellasFree
Digital Music PoolPaid
DIY Acapellas (youtube tutorial)DIY
Franchise Record PoolPaid
Free VocalsFree
Indaba MusicPaid
MS Project SoundPaid
Producer SpotFree
Remix PacksPaid
Vocal DownloadFree

If you want all the links to the websites you can scroll down to find all the websites and a brief overview per website.


Beatport Website Screenshot e1568746578234

Price: Paid

Beatport is a very good premium choice to get vocals online. Aside from a huge collection of electronic music they also have a big collection of studio acapella tracks. These acapella tracks are officially released with the intent to be remixed.

They often come in 2 forms that are one-shots or loops. What that means is that you can simply drop them during a DJ set or you can load them up in your sampler/DAW.

Most of the time it might feel like acapella music is quite expensive from this website. But they provide superior quality music, and in my opinion, it is worth spending a few extra bucks for that.

On a purely technical basis, Beatport is very organized and you can easily find what you’re looking for. It remains one of the oldest and most reliable places you can get acapella music or any other music for that matter.

Digital Music Pool

Digital Music Pool Website Screenshot e1568748934581

Price: Paid

The digital music pool has quite a substantial collection of acapella. It is slightly on the more expensive side compared to some of the other sites on this list. The digital music pool is known for the sound quality of the music. Sadly, sometimes you might not find some tracks on this site and would need to look elsewhere.

The digital music pool may lack some music from time to time, but it also has a substantial number of exclusive acapella music that you cannot find anywhere else. You can even get early access to the works of label artists and music creators.

The digital music pool interface feels clean with no clunky aspects. It is very easy to use and easy to get used to. On top of that, it has very specific search options based on genre, artists, and titles, so you will have no trouble finding the acapella tracks that you are looking to find.

DMP is also mobile-friendly so you don’t have to carry around your laptop to make the most out of this website. It comes with convenient download options where you can download a whole bunch of tracks without any problems.

Digital Music Pool’s user base is also amazing and active. They offer feedback and support the website as much as they can. There are several top DJs involved so you can rest assured about the acapella quality of this website.


DJ City Website Screenshot e1568746663249

Price: Paid

DJCity is a DJ record pool that provides "unlimited music for DJs". It is a place where you can download the latest club tracks and exclusive music.

It has a multi-genre catalog that is updated daily and contains thousands of handpicked digital tracks from across multiple genres. Their primary focus is hip-hop, EDM, R&B, and pop.

They optimize all their music for software like Serato, Traktor, Virtual DJ, and Rekordbox by including proper plugins. The site is a subscription service that lets you download unlimited music from their catalog.

Just like Digital Music Pool, DJcity also has its exclusive music collection.  Some of these music

tracks are top hits and you can’t legally find them anywhere else.


DJ Tunes Website Screenshot e1568746789104

Price: Paid

DJTunes was one of the leading online music stores. It was a very immersive website because it was in constant contact with its customers and artists. It was one of the first websites to implement a user-driven content system.

DJTunes had an extensive catalog filled with works of various prominent artists and well-known record labels. It also had a substantial collection of music produced by independent unpublished users. In a way, it was a platform for unknown artists to publish their work and make a name for themselves.

However, the website has currently shut down since then. In recent years, they changed their business model towards streaming. So it is not a viable online music shop anymore. Back when it was still up and running, it was many DJs’ favorite source for acapella tracks and loops.

Franchise Record Pool

Franchise Record Pool Website Screenshot e1568746916660

Price: Paid

Many people consider Franchise Record Pool to be one of the best digital music vendors on the internet. It has an extensive music collection and a substantial number of acapella tracks. It is a paid subscription-based website, so you cannot access any of its content without a membership.

Initially, I did not prefer to use Franchise Record Pool as my go-to music source because their website was very old-fashioned. It was still running a clunky old HTML website until very recently. However, they finally upgraded their long-overdue interface.

And it was not just any old update. I would wager that currently; it is one of the cleanest and smoothest websites now. It is good and comes with a lot of handy features that any DJ is likely to appreciate.

Franchise Record Pool has DRM free tracks. Its catalog includes almost every genre you could imagine. In terms of quality acapella collection, Franchise Record Pool doesn’t lose to any other website, both in terms of quantity and quality.

This website is the perfect choice for DJs who do not want to compromise with the quality even

a little bit. High-end acapella like these are often used in making truly unique and vibrant music.

Indaba Music

Indaba Music Website Screenshot e1568747040913

Price: Paid

Indaba Music is now part of Splice. If you want to learn more about Splice you can read on to the section where I will talk about Splice.

Indaba Music was once a website that offered aside from EDM a great selection of other genres with a great community. The old website is still online which has a lot of redirects to Splice.

Indaba Music is another online music shop that is well-known for hosting collaborating events that included prominent artists as well as aspiring artists. It also offers to promote works by users and most users can upload their music on this platform.

They are very conscious about copyright and they offer exceptional customer service. Their Acapella collection is one of the richest ones on the market. It’s worth noting that membership in Indaba is currently free of charge because it is more like a social media platform. You still need to buy or rent the music you want.


Loopmasters Website Screenshot e1568749715846

Price: Paid

Loopmasters offers audio loops, one-shots, and plugins for different software and acapella/vocal samples that are sold in vocal packs. They are priced according to who uploaded them and how many samples the packs contain. In that sense, it is a user-driven economy.

These acapella tracks are best to be used in your DAW/sampler because they come in phrases. All of these acapella collections are royalty-free to use in your productions/DJ sets.

Loopermaster is better known for being a sample provider. It offers the users to sample music from an extensive collection. Users can then use them to create more unique works of their own. In terms of freedom of creativity, Loopermaster is second to none on this list.

MS Project Sound

MS Project Sound Website Screenshot e1568747182803

Price: Paid

If you love remixing popular titles, MS Project Sound is your go-to website. It is a subscription-based distribution portal. Even though it is a paid portal, it has a free membership option. That can be a good option for you if you are leery of investing too much too early.

You can get a free membership and try out some of their collection and features. You can go ahead and get a paid subscription later on if you think this is what you’re looking for.

Free members get to sample a lot of things. However, a good number of their collection is locked behind the paid subscription. VIP members even have access to exclusive acapella collections curated from prominent sources.

Remix Packs

Remix Packs Website Screenshot e1568747270745

Price: Paid

Remix Packs is a reliable source for getting good-quality acapella music. It has a large collection of high-quality acapella that you can remix and mixtapes.

The unique thing about Remix Packs is that it combines a lot of music sources and Stems in one place. It has a lot of redirecting options and you eventually need to buy from the source website. But having everything in one place seriously improves the overall convenience.

Remix Packs hosts regular remix contests too, and a lot of talented artists participate and create new and amazing music regularly. A lot of well-known DJs use Remix Packs as their primary source of high-quality acapella.


Traxsource Website Screenshot e1568747660526

Price: Paid

Traxsource has been a place for getting high-quality music for a very long time. It has even stood the test of time and survived the massive competition against streaming sites. In terms of reliability and resourcefulness, only a few other music sites can compare to Traxsource.

Traxsource even went and opened a new and improved website very recently. That can be taken as a bold statement that this fan-favorite website is here to stay. The new Traxsource interface is a huge improvement over its old one and it is very smooth to navigate.

Traxsource has an amazing acapella collection. What makes it truly rich is the fact that it has a very active number of artists who regularly create new content. New and aspiring artists in particular are some of the best sources for good quality music. There are a lot of talented people who have yet to make a name for themselves.

The improved Traxsource website has easy-to-find functions. It also has a very interactive music player that lets you transition between browsing and listening effortlessly. It also has a very organized tier list based on community polls that keeps updating regularly.

Teaxsource has such a massive collection of music that it inevitably overburdens even the new website. So, the site may feel a bit lethargic at times.

Regardless of its admittedly lower speed, it is a very reliable website for acapella tracks and music. And it only gets better every day with newer additions.


Voclr Website Screenshot e1568747744536

Price: Paid

When it comes to the acapella collection; Voclr is a behemoth compared to the other websites on this list. It boasts the largest collection of Acapella with tens of thousands of songs in its collection.

There is a free option on this website for seeing the top chart and collecting your favorite acapella. But if you are serious about the craft then you need to get the pro membership. The paid version allows you to access the high-quality studio acapella tracks that you want for your remix.

Voclr has a library dedicated solely to acapella tracks. You can access it if you have the paid version. And, of course, unlimited downloads for paid subs.

Free Sources

I’ve finished going over the most reliable and industry-leading acapella sources. Now let’s take a look at the free alternatives. The free sources may seem like inferior versions, but they are nothing to scoff at. Free acapella websites also have a lot to offer if you know where to look.

You should remember one thing though. You can’t use the music you get from most of the free websites to earn money. Most free acapella websites do not have clearance from the original artists, so the tracks and loops you get from here should only be used for practicing and making good music.

You can upload the meshes and edits you make on sites like Soundcloud or Youtube. But you can’t get them monetized. Most websites will take it down if you aim for monetizing this sort of music. However, it is perfectly legal to use them for your own thing.


Acapell Website Screenshot e1568747967935

Price: Free

Acapell is a website that has been on for quite some years. It has a decent collection of popular acapella tracks, and you can usually find a lot of songs that you can work on.

It does not have a user-based catalog, so website management is the only one that can curate and upload songs. That is why its collection does not get fresh blood too often. However, as a free website, it is quite reliable for getting decent acapella.

Even though it has been around for a long time, Acapella's website is not managed that well. And there’s a lot of advertisements. Even though it has a great collection, I would rather use other free websites if I can.

Acapella 4 You

Acapella 4 You Website Screenshot e1568748324856

Price: Free

Acapella4You has a large collection of acapella for a free website. There are ad-free download options, and it offers an unlimited free download for popular Stems. Another thing I noticed about the website is that it is organized very well for a free website.

The interface may be a little clunky but it gets the job done, and it is perfectly safe for the most part. I didn’t like the rather large number of Ads this site has, but that is something we got to deal with on free websites.

Unfortunately, these are all unofficial works and you do not have the original artist permissions. What that means is you can’t release the remixes you make with these songs and make money. You could still upload it as long as it’s not monetized in any way.

Acapellas 4 U

Acapellas 4 U Website Screenshot e1568746383765

Price: Free

Acapellas4U is one of the oldest still running acapella sites. Acapellas 4 U has a huge collection of acapella soundtracks as well as other popular songs.

It is a great place to get unofficial acapella. There is only one downside. You can't release them

and make money from them. It's because the original artists did not sanction them.

If, however, you want to use it for non-commercial or educational use. This is a great place to get popular acapella tracks.

The site has a mix of official and DIY acapella. So, you should have your own quality control before using these acapella tracks.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you should create a free membership before you can download any acapella music.

Datpiff Acapellas

Datpiff Website Screenshot e1568748764658

Price: Free

Most people who have been working with acapella and mixtapes know this name by now. It was probably the earliest music site we used and it is still there as a reliable source for acapella. Though back in the day there were not as many ads on the website.

Datpiff has a very large collection of acapella that you can access completely for free. However, if you like their services, there’s an option to sponsor them. Even though this site is old, it still has a lot of loyal users. The best thing about Datpiff Acapellas is that you can get a lot of music in one place.

Free Vocals

Free Vocals Screenshot e1568749059458

Price: Free

Free vocals is an odd one in the bunch. It has a decent-sized collection of good quality acapella and you can mostly get them for free. Its list is updated daily with new and trending mixtapes from various genres. So, in terms of variety, this site is a good source.

However, there are some acapella tracks that you need to have a paid membership to access, which is kinda ironic since the name of the website is “Free” Vocals. But I suppose they offer a 14-day free trial during which you can access the premium ones for free too. So I guess some people can work with that.

Aside from the tricky payment option, Free Vocals has a constantly updating collection in its stock. What that means is that you can easily get the latest hits and trendy acapella songs here.


Kreasound Website Screenshot e1568749212750

Price: Free

Kreasound is currently one of the best free acapella websites. The website itself is polished and operates smoothly. There’s very little in the way of ads and pop-ups. It has an amazing collection of acapella templates and open-format projects.

Kreasound has a growing community and one of its best features is the competitive remix contests that it hosts frequently. It even includes multiple artist sources. One source with a lighter plugin for more casual users and one with all the bells and whistles for serious composers.

Overall, Kreasound is one of the best free sources for unique and high-quality Acapella. It is one of the top choices for most DJs. The sheer convenience of this website is unparalleled even to most paid websites.


Looperman Website Screenshot e1568749570116

Price: Free

Looperman has a lot of royalty-free acapella music for your production or DJ sets. The downside is that these are uploaded with limited quality control.

This is because it is produced by musicians and the community. This site really has a great community with a forum and a great site that goes along it. Aside from acapella, the site also offers audio loops.

If you want to have a great source of a lot of acapella tracks, this is a great website. Something to keep in mind is that not every acapella is of great quality so listen for the right ones to use.

Looperman is super easy to use. You can look up royalty-free loops and samples from the tab on the main website. Then you’ll be served a well-equipped search bar where you can search for music based on anything from the artist’s name to the date of upload.

There are many producers out there who look down on loops and as an aspiring DJ, you should ignore them. Many well-known artists use loops to create amazing things and you can do it too. In the end, Looperman is hands-down one of the best websites where you can get high-quality acapella loops.

Producer Spot

Producer Spot Website Screenshot e1568749822925

Price: Free

Producer spot is my go-to place for free music. I’ve used this site for a long time and they have high-quality acapella tracks. There are also royalty-free Loops and sample packs that you can download.

If you are looking for some hassle-free high-quality acapella then Producer Spot is probably the pick you should choose. They have great customer service and the download system is completely ad-free. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about additional plugins either, as Producer Spot gathers everything in one place for you.

Many DJs prefer using Producer Spot because of its convenience and easy access alone. The fact that it’s all royalty-free is just icing on the cake.


Reddit Website Screenshot e1568749969216

Price: Free

If you’ve been on the internet, you probably know that Reddit has a little of everything. It is not a dedicated music-hosting website. But you can find a countless number of threads where people share their acapella collections.

The tricky part is, you don’t get to browse too much as most threads will be very personalized and will follow a very specific style. So, you kinda need to dig a little before you find a gem on this website.

In the end, it’s not about how many songs a DJ owns. It’s all about how much personality a DJ can put into a track.


Splice Website Screenshot e1568750132557

Price: Free

Splice offers both free and premium sounds and it is a leading platform that hosts samples from top producers and artists. Splice is a relatively new addition to my list as the website itself is kinda new. The best thing about splice is that many prominent DJs and Musicians are involved in making a rich archive.

A lot of well-known music producers upload helpful mixtape packs for users. You can both learn from these by taking them as examples or using them to try your hand at making music. Don’t worry about the quality of these samples, Splice only offers the highest quality music.

But splice has been rising in rank as one of the best online music portals to date. It is without a doubt, one of the best places to get royalty-free samples. You can rely on it for high-quality acapella.

Splice has affordable Renting options and you can rent songs and plugins. It works on a rent-to-own basis so if you end up liking the acapella you can buy it out afterward.

Splice offers a lot of freebies but you can get so much more value out of a subscription. Its monthly subscriptions are one of the most affordable ones out there.

Splice is becoming the primary source of acapella for many DJs. Both top-tier music producers and aspiring artists prefer using this website because it has something for everyone.

Vocal Downloads

Vocal Downloads Website Screenshot e1568750351302

Price: Free

Vocal Download is a great place to find any kind of vocal sample. It has a great collection of acapella samples. It is a free site and you can choose from a large number of free samples, but it also has a paid version. You can download individual tracks one by one as a free user, but if you want to download the acapella in packs then you need to pay up.

This website is completely royalty-free so all charges are cleared at the time of purchase. You can still gain unrestricted access to samples as a free user.

It has a good collection and a smooth interface. The best thing about it is that it acts as a platform for artists to publish their music at a reasonable price. A lot of DJs use this website as a cheaper alternative for getting good-quality music.


Wavo Website Screenshot e1568750504801

Price: Free

Wavo is a leading platform for music trends, and It has an archive full of music for both paid and free users. You can easily get a lot of high-quality Acapella tracks and samples on this website. Wavo is better for the content creators because it offers to advertise your music for you.

Depending on how you use it, Wavo can become a great asset to your music career. A lot of DJs

get their music from these sorts of websites. And they often publish their projects on these websites too.

Do it Yourself

DIY Acapellas (Youtube tutorial)

Price: Free (DIY)

Lastly, you can get yourself some free acapella on your own by doing it the DIY way. It's a really simple way but requires work from you. By watching the video above, you will be able to create your own DIY acapella.

The quality may not be top-notch but with modern software that gets better every year, it's pretty usable. Just make sure you buy the music before you do it.

From my research, the websites I mentioned above are the best websites for getting acapella these days. The online music world is vast, and anyone can get their hands on decent acapella collections, you only need to know where to look.

More Info

Where do DJs get their music from? DJs get their music from various online sources. There are both premium and free sources DJs get their music from. I have made an article about all the sources and made a data table with all the sources in this article about where DJs get their music online.

Where can DJs use acapellas for? There are really 3 ways DJs can use acapellas.

  • Use them to create edits
  • Use them to create mashups
  • Use them to create bootlegs

Edits or remixes are a way to cut the music or to enlarge the music with the use of cutting or adding bars. This means that you can remove pieces of the song, rearrange things or add things to the song to make it easier to mix in for example.

If you want to learn more about remixes, Wikipedia has a great article that you can check out.

Mashups are when you take complete elements of songs and add them together to create a new song. Mashups are very similar to bootlegs but the differences will be explained below.

Bootlegs are when you instead of taking complete elements take pieces of a song and add pieces of another song in.

This can be done by layering different elements. This can be a melody from one song and the beats of another song for example.

HOW TO ISOLATE VOCALS (DIY Acapellas) | iZotope RX 7

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25 (Absolute Best) Acapella Sites for DJs In 2023
Recording Acapellas on DJ Setup e1568735608825

This article is the ultimate guide to finding quality acapellas for your next set. 25 of my favorite acapella downloading resources are included!

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