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How to Make a Mashup: A Step by Step Guide

By Ferdi Vol
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Creating mashups can be of great value and is a great skill for getting more DJ gigs. They also let your creativity shine and make your sets for interesting. And above all, they're fun!

There are however a few things that can be a little hard to master when you have never made mashup yet. In this article, we will talk about all the things you need to know to create your first mashup.

If you want to watch a quick video to visualize the steps I describe you can watch the video below. Below the video, I will go into more detail about creating your mashup.

Step 1: Find a Song With an Acapella, Instrumental and Full Vocal Version

I have made an article with the best places to get DJ acapellas online for you to check out.

Step 2: Match the Key of the Acapella and Instrumental

Step 3: Match the BPM of the Acapella and Instrumental

Step 4: Make Sure to Line up the Song Structures

Step 5: Introduce the Acapella to the Instrumentals

Step 6: Next Song

Advanced Looping and Cutting

How to loop in your mashup

How to cut in your mashup

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