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How to Make a Mashup (A Step by Step Guide)

Creating mashups can be of great value and is a great skill for getting more DJ gigs. They also let your creativity shine and make your sets for interesting. And above all, they're fun!

There are however a few things that can be a little hard to master when you have never made mashup yet. In this article, we will talk about all the things you need to know to create your first mashup.

If you want to watch a quick video to visualize the steps I describe you can watch the video below. Below the video, I will go into more detail about creating your mashup.

Step 1: Find a Song With an Acapella, Instrumental and Full Vocal Version

I have made an article with the best places to get DJ acapellas online for you to check out.

Step 2: Match the Key of the Acapella and Instrumental

Step 3: Match the BPM of the Acapella and Instrumental

Step 4: Make Sure to Line up the Song Structures

Step 5: Introduce the Acapella to the Instrumentals

Step 6: Next Song

Advanced Looping and Cutting

How to loop in your mashup

How to cut in your mashup


Making a mash-up live is a crucial part of creative mixing, and fusing two songs together and surprising the crowd is what DJ’s do best. The key in making a ...

A Few Essentials and My Recommended DJ Equipment by DJ Ferdi Vol
With so much information on my site I wanted to bring it down to an all in one place where I list my updated personal recommendations for 2021 and popular items that people have used themselves with succes. You can check it all out below.
DJ Essentials
The absolute DJ essentials every beginner has to start with or any advanced DJ has used or is still using.
DJ Controllers
It can be overwhelming to choose the right controller as there are countless things to consider. Having the right experience is key to know what controller someone needs. It's the thing you will use most and you can find the right DJ Controller here.
Better headphones results in better overal audio quality as well as easier beat-matching and comfort while using them on the fly. These best DJ Headphones for 2021 are tested first hand.
DJ Gifts
It can be hard to find the right gift to give a DJ but it's also nice to treat yourself with some DJ gifts that you didn't even know existed.
Ferdi Vol Author
Written by Ferdi Vol
Hi, I am Ferdi Vol and I am a DJ from the Netherlands who has been DJing for over 6 years now. I have always had a passion for music and DJing, so it was only natural that I started my own blog on becoming a better DJ.

I love researching and writing about new and exciting things in the world of mixing, including tutorials, reviews on hardware and software, as well as finding the latest and greatest. My goal is to help people become better DJs by providing them with all the knowledge they need to do just that!
About Ferdi Vol
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