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The 8 Absolute Best Apple IOS iPad/iPhone DJ Apps in 2021

By Ferdi Vol
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With the ability to be able to DJ on the move app manufactures aren't falling behind with their creation of DJ apps. Djing on the go really offers some new functionalities and makes you DJ easily at places like house parties or even in your own home.

I wondered what the best DJ apps are for the Apple iPad so I did some research and concluded the absolute best Apple IOS iPad DJ Apps.

Cross DJ Free / In-app purchases
Edjing Mix Free / In-app purchases
DjayFree / In-app purchases
Traktor DJ 2 Free
DJ Player ProfessionalFree / In-app purchases
Pacemaker DJFree / In-app purchases
Deej$5.99 / In-app purchases
Serato Pyro Free / In-app purchases

Before we move on to the best Apple DJ apps if you want a new Apple tablet the Apple iPad 32 GB or Apple iPad 128 GB really steps is up from previous models with its performance to ensure you will easily run all the best apps that you need for djing.

Something to note is that you have to check which controllers are compatible with the DJ apps which is the way to go with djing with an app. If you choose to DJ without a DJ controller it is possible as well but it might be less convenient.

If you want to know what the best controllers are to use with DJ apps you can check out the best DJ controllers article that I have written.

Cross DJ

Price: Free / In-app purchases

Cross DJ is a very feature-rich application because it has a ton of functionality build in.

The free version offers a couple of effects and all the normal stuff you expect from a DJ app which is a mixer, 2 decks, tempo and a beat-grid.

Cross DJ also has a wonderful looping function and you are able to play your own downloaded songs or just log in to SoundCloud and use your stored songs from there.

With a very basic interface, 5 levels of pitch bending and accurate cue points it's a great app for beginners who expect to have everything they need to start Djing.

Edjing Mix

Price: Free / In-app purchases

Edjing Mix is a very good looking app with tons of features including 20 DJ effects. which allows you to have tons of different ways to mix.

Besides the normal functions like a beat-grid, tempo, volume and more the app also provides these effects through pressable buttons in the middle of your screen.

You can access your music in multiple ways. First of all, you can access your downloaded songs or you can use several streaming services to provide the music for you.

In the free version, you will be able to access music through SoundCloud and Itunes. For Deezer, you will need a premium account.

Through in-app purchases, you can access more effects and functionalities

A very good-looking and feature-rich app that provides music in several ways. A great allrounder.


Price: Free / In-app purchases

One of the apps from Algoriddim which are all solid products. This IOS app has a very nice interface that really compliments the app as a whole.

The app has a ton of function including the sync button which is not too common on basic DJ apps. It also has all the other features which you expect from a great DJ app like tempo, beat-grid, and 2 jog wheels.

The app doesn't offer any music from streaming services and you're also limited to only 25 of your own downloaded songs which is a drawback.

This app has had a major update in mid-late 2020 where it added AI to make an acapella on the fly which is awesome. It sounds very clean and it is something that is very useful.

Especially if you want to spice up your sets on the IOS application because it is harder to mix more creatively on an app than on an extensive computer program and DJ controller.

You can watch the following video below about the AI.

This app really offers an easy and professional feel so both beginners and advanced DJs will be happy using this app.

Traktor DJ 2

Price: Free

The only completely free DJ app on this list. But that doesn't make it any worse. Traktor DJ 2 is a very well succeeder to its first version, Traktor DJ. With improved speed, beat-grid detection, BPM detection, and a wonderfull sync feature.

Traktor DJ 2 is not the most feature-rich app but it is one of the best apps for beginners. which lets you access your personally downloaded music but it also comes with a few songs preinstalled.

With a great clear layout, the app succeeds in providing a great experience for those who are just starting out.

Native Instruments will continue to update the app to provide more features so the app will attract more advanced DJs.

A great beginner app for those who want to play their downloaded songs and don't want to worry about a faulty beat detection.

DJ Player Professional

Price: Free / In-app purchases

DJ Player Professional really is a very strong product when it comes to supporting devices and USB interfaces. The app also has a lot of features and effects which makes the app is really complete experience for the user.

Having a very clear layout really helps with all the features this app offers. Everything is labeled so the features can easily be found and distinguished. Such as tempo, multiple outputs, vinyl control, beat grid, sync and more.

The app really offers a lot of ways to mix your music which is great. The app might not be the most beginner-friendly because of the large number of functionalities but it really does offer a lot of ways to mix your music.

If you're looking for a very professional player and are willing to do some advanced tricks, this is a great DJ app for you.

Pacemaker DJ

Price: Free / In-app purchases

This app stands out because it provides music from Spotify as well as your downloaded music. The pick your track overlay is really functional and allows you to find music very quickly to mix in.

The app itself is really simple looking which will help you get a feel for the app. The app has all the basic functionalities and a lot of effects which is great for beginners.

It has a sync button, crossfader, effects and jog wheels which are really special because they are multi-functional and provide you with simple jog wheels or with a range of effects and functions.

You can just tap a button and the jog wheels change to a range of cluster functions.

A really great app for beginners who are not ready to download their own music and with a very good layout and all the basic functions this is a solid DJ app.


Price: $5.99 / In-app purchases

This app is just as simple for beginners as the name suggests. This is a very clean looking app in the basic mode with all the basic functionality.

Something that is really special about this app is the integrated tutorials for beginners which really help beginners get their first steps into djing.

The app has a ton of functionalities without becoming cluttered for the user. It has functionalities like cue points, tempo, 3-way equalizer, jog wheels and a clean looking beat grid.

The app stands above the rest with the potential to be great for beginners and more advanced DJs by providing the functionalities that it has and the option to record your mixes and directly upload them to SoundCloud, Dropbox or Mixcloud.

Serato Pyro

Price: Free / In-app purchases

Serato Pyro is a bit of a different app than your normal DJ apps. This app takes the Djing out of your hands and will mix your songs together which is something really cool.

Known for its computer software it's safe to say that this app is of great quality. It really offers something else and is able to pull songs from Itunes and Spotify.

If you want you can let the app reorganize your library to offer you an even more interesting experience.

It's a very different experience for you and your friends than listening to your ordinary playlists by mixing them for you.

So if you want to go out and start your DJ Journey, I'm recommending the following DJ deck which has proven to make lots of starter DJs become great DJs, You can the Pioneer DDJ-400 out here

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What are the best Android Tablet DJ apps? I have made another article that explains the best Android tablet DJ apps with all of their prices compared and the apps are explained in the article which you can check out.

If you like the apps you can download them directly through the Google Play Store.

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