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The 7 Absolute Best Android DJ Apps

As a DJ it's always fun to check out new technological advancements in the djing field. One of those advancements in being able to easily DJ on the go due to the extensive amount of djing apps available.

I wondered what the best apps were for my Android tablet so I did some research and compiled the 7 best Android DJ apps.

Cross DJFree / In-app purchases
DiscDJ 3D Music PlayerFree / In-app purchases
Music Maker JAMFree / $47.99 maximum yearly
Djay FreeFree / In-app purchases
DJ Studio 5Free / In-app purchases
Edijing Pro LEFree
Edjing MixFree / $5.49 / In-app purchases

Djing on a DJ controller and an app is the way to go when you choose to DJ with a DJ app. You can of course, always choose to DJ without an app but it's a lot more convenient to DJ on the app in combination with a DJ controller I have made a list of the best DJ controllers for you to check out.

Something to note is that you have to check the DJ controller compatibility with the app that you will be using. We now move on to the DJ apps.

Cross DJ

Price: Free / In-app purchases

Cross DJ is a wonderful all-round application for Android. They even claim to be the best one on the market. In my opinion a very fair claim. They are one of the very first DJ apps available for download on mobile.

This app features a bunch of functionalities in the free version of the app. Starting with track syncing, BPM detection which is very decent, 5 levels of pitch bending with ranges from 4% to 100% and beat-grid editing. The app also enables SoundCloud and Itunes integration.

For the premium experience, you can purchase several things in-app that unlock functionalities like external mixer support, auto-mixer or you can even buy sample packs.

Cross DJ really stands above the rest with automatic track suggestions for a very energy clean mix.

For the full experience, you will have to pay a bit of money but overall it's a great allrounder.

DiscDJ 3D Music Player

Price: Free / In-app purchases

DiscDJ 3D is a very special app as you can see in the video above. DiscDJ 3D is an app with a 3d view of a DJ controller which looks very cool! It might cause some misclicks but this app really creates a complete experience if you don't have a DJ controller yourself.

For this app, you will need to have your songs downloaded to your device. But if you have a well-rounded library you will be able to use it to mix very well like you would on a basic DJ controller.

In my opinion, this app is really useful when practicing for a real set without your DJ controller because it really mimics the experience and actions done while mixing.

Not the easiest app on the list but certainly a cool app if you're willing to practice for the real deal.

Music Maker JAM

Price: Free / $47.99 maximum yearly

Music Maker JAM is also a unique DJ app because you can also produce some basic music rather than only mixing it. This app has several buttons for you to create sounds with.

Lots of sounds and sound packs are available from the get-go. This means that it's a very nice experience out of the box, especially when you're just starting out. Other features that the app offers are an 8-channel mixer, tempo, recording your mixes and being able to make customizable remixes.

When you've recorded your mix this app offers the functionality to share it on social media.

for the hardcore music creators, there is a pro version. For the pro version, they ask you to pay $3.99 a month which comes down to $47.99 maximum yearly.

The pro version features access to all harmonies, brand new unique effects and new loop playback modes which are reverse mode, half-speed mode and double speed mode.

A great app for creating, recording and mixing your music.

Djay Free

Price: Free / In-app purchases

Djay Free is a very user-friendly DJ app. It has a nice sharp looking interface and is perfect for beginners but certainly not lacking in tools for the more professionals out there.

All features are enabled in the free version. which include a sync option, beat-grid analyzer, tempo, faders and jog wheels with scratch functionality and much more.

The interface is very customizable and unique which is one of the things which makes this app stand out from the rest.

The only downside to the free version is that you're sometimes prompted with a pop-up saying that you have to upgrade to the pro version if you don't want to be interrupted in your mixes.

If you're a beginner and want all the functions you expect from a complete DJ app this is the perfect app.

DJ Studio 5

Price: Free / In-app purchases

DJ Studio 5 is a very clean and complete DJ app. The app is great for beginners and for advanced mixers.

Most of the features are free and you will get 10 free samples and 8 sound effects in the free version along with functionalities like tempo adjust, equalizer, jog wheels, cues, a beat-grid and much more.

Something unique is that you can turn off ads without the need of buying the pro version which is certainly something you rarely see.

Your downloaded music can also be sorted after it is being analyzed by BPM besides the normal sorting function of the name or the artist's name.

The app also has 7 customizable decks so the user interface is really customizable to your own needs. You can also share your playlist through social media with your friends.

DJ Studio 5 is a professional app for both a beginner and a professional.

Edijing Pro LE

Price: Free

Edijing PRO LE is great for starters who just want to start mixing without the need to download music. The app provides a lot of music from the start.

The app has a very nice beat-grid analyzer and features all the features because there is no pro version.

Features are the sync function, tempo, BPM detection, headphone output, mixer and much more.

If you want a simple and completely free application this one suites you.

Edjing Mix

Price: Free / $5.49 / In-app purchases

Edjing mix is a very nice app that has a great number of features, both in the free version and in the pro version which can be purchased in several ways.

The app is very easy to use and has everything you will need for a great mix. The app comes with 16 free samples which enable you to create mixes without the need for a pro version.

The app will play downloaded songs but also offers the feature to play music from SoundCloud or Deezer.

The app offers lots of functionality like a beat-grid, tempo, jog wheels, looping, recording and much more.

You can buy several effects but they aren't needed for a great mix using this app. A very complete app which is great for everyone.

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