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The 7 Best DJ Headphones in 2021

By Ferdi Vol
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With the many options out there it can be very hard to choose the right DJ headphone for your budget. There are also a lot of factors that go into consideration before making a decision. That's why I've listed the best DJ headphones for you to choose from.

Open-back vs closed-back: All of the headphones on this list are closed-back. This is because as a DJ you have to be able to isolate your ear(s) from the other music that is currently playing so you can beat-match the next song that you would like to mix in without being disturbed by the music currently playing.

Easy vs hard to drive: All of the headphones on this list are easy enough to drive to ensure that you will be able to drive them with every DJ controller out there. Both at home and on your DJ booth.

Affordable for everyone: This list is for everyone who has a budget at all. This means that all of these headphones are affordable and for people who would like to start or are already djing.

This list of the best headphones for DJs is ordered by the current price of the headphones when this article is written from the cheapest to the most expensive one.

1. Audio Technica ATH-M40x

This headphone is the cheapest on this list and better than the m50x for DJ use. The M40x is for someone who wants a decently built headphone and not too bulky with great sound for a great price. The only downside is the dampening factor of the cans coming with the headphone. That is why it is nice to get the Brainwave pads with the headphones. They are very comfortable and do a proper job of canceling the noise around you.

You might wonder why the M50x isn't on this list. And that is because its cheaper brother is way better for DJ use. That is because the M50x is very neutral until you crank up the volume. The sound then becomes extremely V-shaped and you will only hear the bass and the highs. Not something very nice to have when you want to listen for the mids in a song as well.

In this configuration this set comes with 2 types of cables and a hard case which makes this set really portable.

If you want a solid all-round option for the least amount of money this is your best bet.

2. Shure SRH840

Another solid and very affordable headphone. Built to be used in music production they make sure they will make you able to monitor every sound they produce. They really shine with their neutral sound so if you are into that they are really nice.

The only thing that is holding back these headphones is the build quality. There are people that have had the plastic pin broken which holds the headband to the cans. This can be fixed with some epoxy or you can call the amazing customer service that Shure has. There are also a few options online to get a custom pair of headbands.

But, if you want very clear, neutral sound with excellent separation this is the one for you.

3. Sennheiser HD 25

One of the most popular headphones among DJs for a reason. Also having its first iteration released all in the way back in 1988 it's a pure classic and makes it the oldest headphone on this list. The strong-point vs all the other headphones on this list is the portability. With the new version released last year, it became even better with a split headband.

If you value portability and proven quality this is a great headphone. Lastly, the price has come done dramatically in the last years and makes this the best extremely portable budget headphone for me.

4. Blue Sadie

This is a very special headphone because it has its own amplifier built-in. You might think that will limit your listening time but due to this headphone having a big battery and the amplifier shutting off automatically when you close the cans. this headphone can easily go up to 12+ hours of listening time and 8+ hours when listening to some very loud music.

With its special shape, it really sets itself apart with its design. But apart from the design it really shines in its music reproduction. This pair of headphones really separates the sound you're listening to and makes it easy to mix with.

The full sound and unique headphone with an amplifier is really something to stand out with.

5. Meze 99

A pretty well built headphone with pretty decent noise cancellation. Something that is really great is that these headphones are both decently built and are also really lightweight for its shape.

The warmer sound is something that may not for everyone but many people are bass-heads and will enjoy these really much. They actually do a really good job with the warmer sound because they stay relatively tight while producing the sound.

So if you want good looking, sturdy headphones which are a warm sounding and portable these are a solid option.

6. Audio Technica ATH-M60x

Another product from Audio Technica on this list. One of the very best affordable sounding headphones in my opinion. The only on-ear headphones with 5 stars of comfort.

This pair is really well rounded and I like to listen to them both at home and when playing behind my DJ deck. They truly deliver amazing sound for the price. They also look very modern and if you choose the option with the discounted case it's simply a steal.

The best all round headphone that has the build quality, sound, portability and looks.

7. Monolith M1060C

We have landed on the most expensive headphone on this list and that is one with planar driver technology. Something that is often very hard for planar headphones is to drive them. But not with this pair they are really easy to drive for planar headphones.

The very best thing about this headphone is the very tight bass response and the build quality. Personally I'm not really into wooden looking headphones but these do a pretty good job with the aesthetics for me.

They may look very bulky on your head but they do sound really good and are well built, so if you're into that, go for this one.

When choosing the right headphones you also want to look at the right DJ controller for it. I have made a list of the best DJ controllers for you to check out.

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