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The Best Instagram Tips for DJs

One of the most crucial tools out there for DJs and music producers is Instagram. While a little bit overshadowed by SoundCloud, Instagram still has a place among all DJs out there, veterans or not. It gives you the ability to not only get your name rolling and introduce your craft to other people, but […]

What Is the Best Type of Jog Wheel? All Compared

Aside from using faders, EQ knobs, and pads, one of the other important parts of using DJ equipment such as a controller or a CDJ is using a jog wheel. In fact, jog wheels can be crucial for some DJs that tend to use scratching heavily and other similar techniques. There are different kinds of […]

15 Gift Ideas for DJs: What We'd Wish You Gave Us!

If there's something that most of us DJs agree with, it's the fact that we need a lot of equipment! Aside from the bare essentials like controllers, players, mixers, turntables, and more, we also need to consider things like bags, microphones, speakers, and even paying for our monthly DJ subscription. There are definitely a lot […]

DJUCED vs Rekordbox in 2021: Complete Roundup

I have already made several articles about different popular DJ software on the market, including, but not limited to Serato and Rekordbox DJ. But how about DJuiced? this software is definitely not as popular as the big 4 Softwares being used by most DJs on the United States and Europe, instead of having a small […]

Serato vs Virtual DJ in 2021: Complete Roundup

EDIT: I wrote this article a few weeks ago, but the Virtual DJ developers have come up with a brilliant feature that comes in Virtual DJ 2021 so I decided to write a little bit about it here. It is definitely a game-changer and something that makes me like Virtual DJ even more. The feature […]

How Do DJ Controllers Work? the Truth Revealed

Perhaps the most distinctive thing that separates DJs from other similar professions is the fact that they use a nifty little hardware called a DJ controller. Before the invention of the controller, DJs needed to mix using turntables, which was something much more cumbersome and prone to malfunctions. Now, have you ever wondered how exactly […]

1. How to Buy Your First Set of DJ Equipment

https://www.wikihow.com/Buy-Your-First-Set-of-DJ-Equipment Digital DJ Setup Get some CD turntables. Get some DJ software. Consider a digital turntable controller.  Just line your computer into some speakers. Get a digital interface. Get an external hard drive. Vinyl DJ Setup Get two direct-drive turntables Get an appropriate pre-amp for your turntable, if necessary. Get the necessary vinyl hardware.  Get […]

Traktor Vs Rekordbox DJ: Which One Is Better In 2021?

One of the hottest topics of discussion among DJs, veterans, and newbies alike is which DJ software is the best. While this is something that is going to vary a lot depending on which type of DJ you are, it's safe to say that two of the most preferred options are Traktor and Rekordbox. Both […]

Best Beginner DJ Controller Under $300

DJ Controller Price Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 $249 Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 $249 Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 $299 Hercules Inpulse DJ 500 $279 Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX $245 If you want to watch a video about the best DJ controller under $300 you can do so below. If you want more detail you can keep on reading […]
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