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40+ Best Rekordbox DJ Software Tips

1. Use cue points to keep track of your place in a song

2. Use the loop function to create seamless loops

3. Use the sampler to add unique elements to your mix

4. Use the FX panel to add professional sounding effects to your tracks

5. Use the mixer functions to adjust levels and EQs on the fly

6. Save your favorite settings as presets for easy recall later

7. Use the export function to share your mixes with the world

8. Stay organized by creating playlists and crates within rekordbox DJ

9. Use the performance mode features to add extra flair to your sets

10. Have fun and experiment with all the features rekordbox DJ has to offer!

- Use the beat jump function to quickly jump to different parts of a song

- Use the key analysis function to ensure your tracks are in the correct key

- Use the quantize function to help keep your tracks locked in time

-Use the gridlines feature to line up loops and samples perfectly

-Use the vinyl mode for that classic turntable feel

- Use the slip mode to create smooth transitions between tracks

- Use the record function to capture your mixes for later listening

- Use the FXChain function to chain multiple effects together for interesting results

- Use the Beatgrid Editor to create custom beat grids for your tracks

- Use the Per Deck Colors feature to quickly identify which deck a track is playing on

- Use the Keyboard Mode feature to control rekordbox dj with your computer keyboard

- Use the MIDI Learn feature to control rekordbox dj with a MIDI controller

- Use the Timecode Mode feature to control rekordbox dj with a timecode vinyl setup

- Use the Link Export feature to share your tracks and playlists with other rekordbox users

- Use the My Tag function to tag tracks with your own personal keywords

- Use the Notes function to add notes to tracks for quick reference later

- Use the Analyze Files function to ensure all your tracks are properly analyzed and ready for use in rekordbox dj

- Use the Auto Beatgrid function to quickly create beat grids for your tracks

- Use the Matching Level Indicator function to easily see which tracks will mix well together

- Use the Preview Deck feature to audition tracks before adding them to your mix

- Use the Slip Mode Loop function to create seamless loops while in slip mode

- Use the Quantize Pad Function to add quantized effects to your tracks

- Use the Key Sync Function to ensure all your tracks are in the same key

- Use the Beatgrid Adjust Function to fine-tune the beatgrids of your tracks

- Use the Keyboard Mode Hot cue Function to quickly place and trigger hot cues with your computer keyboard

- Use the My Settings Folder function to easily share your rekordbox dj settings with other users

- Use the Auto DJ Function to automatically mix your tracks for you

- Use the Crossfader Assign Function to assign different decks to either side of the crossfader

- Use the Sampler Record Function to record samples from your tracks while they are playing

- Use the Sampler Trigger Function to trigger samples from your keyboard or MIDI controller

- Use the Sampler Loop Function to create seamless loops with your samples

- Use the Sampler Pitch Function to change the pitch of your samples on the fly

- Use the Sampler Reverse Function to play your samples in reverse

- Use the Sampler Level function to adjust the level of your samples independently from your tracks

- Use the Sampler EQ function to fine-tune the sound of your samples

- Use the Sampler FX function to add effects to your samples

- Use the Sampler Gate Function to gate your samples so they only play when you want them to

A Few Essentials and My Recommended DJ Equipment by DJ Ferdi Vol
With so much information on my site I wanted to bring it down to an all in one place where I list my updated personal recommendations for 2021 and popular items that people have used themselves with succes. You can check it all out below.
DJ Essentials
The absolute DJ essentials every beginner has to start with or any advanced DJ has used or is still using.
DJ Controllers
It can be overwhelming to choose the right controller as there are countless things to consider. Having the right experience is key to know what controller someone needs. It's the thing you will use most and you can find the right DJ Controller here.
Better headphones results in better overal audio quality as well as easier beat-matching and comfort while using them on the fly. These best DJ Headphones for 2021 are tested first hand.
DJ Gifts
It can be hard to find the right gift to give a DJ but it's also nice to treat yourself with some DJ gifts that you didn't even know existed.
Ferdi Vol Author
Written by Ferdi Vol
Hi, I am Ferdi Vol and I am a DJ from the Netherlands who has been DJing for over 6 years now. I have always had a passion for music and DJing, so it was only natural that I started my own blog on becoming a better DJ.

I love researching and writing about new and exciting things in the world of mixing, including tutorials, reviews on hardware and software, as well as finding the latest and greatest. My goal is to help people become better DJs by providing them with all the knowledge they need to do just that!
About Ferdi Vol
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