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32 (Best places) DJs Get Music From

Nowadays a lot of people get their music via a streaming service or illegally online. But DJs prefer to buy their own music and it's also a way to get better quality DJ music.

Where Do DJs Download Music From?

there are lots of ways DJs get their music but the best and most common ones are stated below.

DJs have many different ways of getting music, including online sources. Some are free to download and others require payment per song or subscription-based services while still others wait until it's released before they're available for listening on sites like Spotify etc.

In this article, I will provide 32 paid and free websites where you can download DJ music to use in your DJ sets. Near the end of the article I will go deeper into why quality music is so important and also why having fun looking for fresh music translates into your DJ sets becoming better.

There are free and paid services which the DJs get their music from. Some DJs buy songs from popular sites or get songs sent to them in subscriptions. Some DJs also make their own music on music production software which they perform live. They’re also labels that send DJ tracks way before it’s released.

I have made a price table of every source where DJs get their music from. Below the price table, I will go into detail about what every source offers with its music library and music quality.

Why It Is All About Discovering New Music

In today's music landscape, it's more important than ever for DJs to keep discovering new music. With the rise of streaming services and online radio, listeners have access to a virtually endless supply of new tunes. As a result, DJs need to work hard to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that their sets are always fresh and exciting. One way to do this is to regularly check out new releases from your favorite labels and artists. You can also stay up to date on the latest music news by following blogs and social media accounts devoted to underground dance music. Of course, trawling through hundreds of new tracks can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are a number of online resources that can help you quickly identify the best new tunes.

Below is a video before we move on to the online sources for DJ music if you prefer watching a video.

33 Paid and Free Sources Where You Can Download DJ Music Files

DJ Music Download SourcePricing
Amazon MusicPaid
BPM SupremePaid
Beat JunkiesPaid
Club KillersPaid
Digital Music PoolPaid
Direct Music ServicePaid
Late Night Record PoolPaid
My MP3 Pool OnlinePaid
Promo OnlyPaid
Smash VisionPaid
YouTube MusicPaid
Digital RadioFree
Social MediaFree
Local StoresFree
Free Music ArchiveFree
Independent Artist HubsFree

20 Paid Sources for DJs to Download Music From


Price: Paid

Amazon is more of a general site that you can get your music from since it is not focused on DJs. This means that there are not many intros or extended versions of songs available. However, their library of tracks is very extensive as it is focused on mass consumers.

Something Amazon is very good at is helping you find a specific song because they have a very large database. They also offer an option to show related content which helps you find songs related to your selected song. This can help you develop playlists more easily.

Although Amazon has a streaming service too, which is bundled with their prime membership, called prime music; their online store is more suited to the needs of a DJ. you can find any track you can think of on their store for relatively good pricing.

You do not get access to the more DJ-focused resources like extended intros or specialty remixes when you shop on Amazon. But where the other one does offer helpful tools with their relatively limited libraries, amazon absolutely trumps them in the quantity section.

Amazon is one of the largest online music storefronts for digital music. Amazon also has a lot of its own exclusive releases too. You can discover more tracks through their related sections and even streaming services if you happen to have a subscription. You can even choose to buy the music you are looking for in physical media such as CDs or vinyl records.

BPM Supreme

Price: Paid

Bpm supreme is a subscription service aka a record pool for DJs. instead of a place where you can buy music right away, it is a subscription-based service that offers high-quality audio files for you to download. I use it myself, and it is a very good service. It has loads of music that you can download when you're subscribed to their service.

They have a great mobile app that works very well. You can get your work done on the go very easily. All their tracks are of high quality. Their interface is very clean and easy to use. They are continually adding new tracks to their library so their site is constantly growing.

They have a track preview section that helps you build a list based on waveforms. They offer every single variant of a song you could ask for. Whether you want a clean or explicit version, an acapella, radio edits, or extended intros, they have all of them available right at your fingertips. You also get access to exclusive remixes and edits very easily.

Beat Junkies

Price: Paid

Beat Junkies is a record pool with over fifty thousand songs in its library. They identify themselves as a collective of DJs. They are dedicated to providing specialty mixes to their members.

You can get a lot of amazing very specially curated playlists and mixes from this site. They pride themselves in their highly curated mixes and it is indeed well worth the praise. You can get amazing mixes you won’t find anywhere else.

Beat Junkies is a very reputed name in the DJ forums for how specialized their collection is.  They also have a good collection of exclusive remixes and edits. They also have a radio section that can help you discover a ton of new music. They even have their own merch store and a podcast about DJing which can help you gather some tips and tricks.


Beatport Website Screenshot

Price: Paid

Beatport is a service that offers music playlists to DJs looking for many different genres. They offer a bunch of tools that add convenience to DJing. Their system is more playlist-focused than track-focused.

They have three different tiers of subscriptions that offer different tools and resources. You can make your playlists available offline very easily from their interface and software. They also offer free streaming of music for you to try out.

Their LINK subscription offers you integration with your DJ software of choice. This helps you bring in your playlists directly into the DJing software without the additional hassle of the file transfer. They also have a lot of curated playlists to make your work easier. They even have a DJ chart section that compiles lists from other DJs.


Price: Paid

Boomkat is an online record store that provides a very special experience. The model of their business is providing not one genre of music but good music from all genres. They are a limited specialty store that has a highly curated collection.

They offer music purchases in all formats, digital and analog. From vinyl and cassettes to CDs and digital downloads. They are focused on providing the most curated collection to all its consumers.

They also ship their products to over a hundred countries. Their digital download sections offer to buy the tracks in different file formats. Their list of curated collections helps everyone discover new and amazing tracks from artists they might have not heard from anywhere else.

Club Killers

Price: Paid

Club Killers is an EDM-focused record pool for DJs. Their biggest selling point is their own catalog of remixes and mashups and edits. These exclusive versions can not be found anywhere else and add a ton of value to the subscription model.

They also sport a lot of hip hop, rap, and other genres too. Their library even has a bunch of classic tracks. They have a very easy downloading system that offers very high-quality audio files.

Their community and blog section is very active and helps a lot in your day-to-day DJ work. They even have their own merch store. As a record pool, Club Killer has a lot of brand identity. They even have a DJ mixes section where DJs have their own mixes on the club killers' radio.

Digital Music Pool

Digital Music Pool Website Screenshot

Price: Paid

Digital Music Pool offers an unlimited amount of downloads to its subscribing members. It is a music pool for DJs that are dedicated to providing the best resources to DJs. They require you to rate every track and give your honest opinions before you can download them. This helps the artists and record labels.

DMP offers an unlimited amount of track downloads. Once subscribed you can download any track from their vast library. You can only download one single track a maximum of three times.

They have a ton of genres in their library and also have a bunch of exclusive releases. There are DMP exclusive acapella, edits, and variants of a ton of songs. You get early access to a lot of tracks once you subscribe to them. DMP has deals and partnerships with a bunch of record labels that offer its members early access to a lot of content.

Direct Music Service

Price: Paid

Direct Music Service or DMS for short is a music pool for DJs. They offer a subscription-based system for DJs to download music for their sets. They offer a lot of variety in many different genres. Their library is fairly extensive, and they offer amazing customer support to their members.

They also have an in-house remix crew that offers DMS members a lot of exclusive remixes and edits. Their mobile app is also very helpful in getting your DJ work done on the go. DMS's membership accounts sync with Dropbox accounts for even further convenience.

DMS offers six different types of subscription packages, so you have flexibility in terms of subscribing for what you need. Their pro monthly or pro yearly subscriptions also offer a complimentary video pool subscription to Smashvidz which makes this an even better deal.

Their library is very extensive and updates every weekday. You can find the latest music, edits, remixes, and other resources super-fast for you to work with.


DJ City Website Screenshot

Price: Paid

DJcity is a subscription-based service for DJs to get music from. They offer high-quality music for DJs to download. Their API also integrates well with the most popular DJ software.  You can easily integrate with VirtualDJ, Rekordbox, etc.

They also have an amazing app that makes finding music even easier. You can look for music not only by genre or popularity, but by technical details too like bpm. They also have a ton of exclusive releases found nowhere else.

Every month they update their top charts and curated lists. These curated lists help you a lot in discovering new music. They also have a personal recommendation system that recommends new tracks based on the ones you have already downloaded.

Their monthly top chart lists the 50 most downloaded tracks by other members of their site. This helps you be in touch with what the other DJs are into these days so you don’t fall behind the latest trends.


DJ Tunes Website Screenshot

Price: Paid

DJtunes not only offers music purchases to DJs, but they also have a vinyl record shop too. Their collection is fairly decent, and they offer excellent rates. Their refund policy is also very good if you face any issues. Their prices are fairly competitive and their library is very extensive.

From hip hop to electro to even jazz and soul, their store has a lot of genres to pick from. You can even choose to buy vinyl records if that fancies your interest. Their vinyl record store is also focused mainly on DJs that choose to use records in their sets.


Price: Paid

Junodownload is an amazing storefront for DJs to purchase music from. They have a very extensive library and are a well-known shop among DJs. you can buy and download songs and grab the files very easily. Their web player can be integrated into other blogs very easily. It also allows you to listen to a song entirely before you decide to make a purchase.

You have a lot of flexibility buying tracks from here. The files are yours to keep once bought. They are very DJ friendly in the files they provide. Other than mp3, they also provide various other high-quality formats too. Some of these include WAV, FLAC, and ALAC.

Their top list and genre sections are very robust. They also have an amazing recommended section that has a very extensive curated collection of tracks. All of that is made better by the fact that you can easily bulk download all the files you have purchased. Junodownload also has a lot of exclusive and promotional releases that are very handy for DJs.

Late Night Record Pool

Price: Paid

Late Night Record Pool is a record pool that helps DJs discover new music. They offer new music very frequently to DJs once they sign up for a membership. They currently have over 55 thousand tracks in their library. And they are constantly adding new hits to their library.

The website features robust genre tabs and top charts of various criteria for you to discover more music. They also have a bunch of curated lists done by other DJs for you to take notes from.

Late Night Record Pool has Dropbox integration that helps a lot with backups. They offer variants and other resources of a song, making it all the more convenient for DJs. you can grab the files separately or download an entire release as a zip file.

Their website has one of the better user interfaces on this list. It helps you find what you are looking for much faster.

My MP3 Pool Online

Price: Paid

My MP3 Pool Online is an online MP3 file music pool for DJs. They have around 15 thousand tracks and a bunch of new tracks is added to their promotional list every month. They offer bulk downloads for your convenience and also offer a free trial for you to try out.

Their collection is very high quality, all files are in 320 kbps mp3. With the membership, you get access to their entire library. From there, you can download any of the tracks you want. Their tracks are all properly tagged so you won’t have any trouble sorting out your files.

You can also find a bunch of other resources along with the music files themselves. You get access to both clean and explicit versions, extended intros and outros, as well as 8 bar intros. All of these things along with their fairly competitive pricing make My MP3 Pool Online an amazing record pool for DJs.

Promo Only

Price: Paid

Promo Only is both an audio and video record pool for DJs and VJs. they offer for you to look for audio tracks or video tracks or even both. A monthly subscription gets you access to the files you need and also clean and intro edits of songs.

They have a ton of different subscription models based on what genres or what types of files you would want. This allows you to only subscribe to the music you would need. Their library is vast so you will not have much trouble finding what you are looking for.

They offer high-quality direct downloads of tracks, edits, and other files you would need. These files are yours to keep forever once you have downloaded them. Even if you cancel your subscription you get to keep the tracks you have downloaded.

Promo Only offers a one-month no-commitment trial subscription for all eligible DJs and VJs. so you can go ahead and try that before you are 100% sure about the subscription.


Price: Paid

SmashVision is a video music pool for VJs and DJs. They offer an extensive library of new and old music videos. Their library is incredibly high quality. They offer 4k UHD music videos and unlimited downloads to members. They also offer remastered editions of older music videos for better quality.

They are one of the best in the industry for music videos. Their subscription also offers a lot of pro video and music tools handy for DJs and VJs. These tools allow you to snip, cut, extend intros and outros and edit sounds, and many more things.

SmashVision also offers cloud backups. This allows you to have backups that you can fall back on in the case of a hard drive failure. Their interface is amazing for both VJs and DJs. you can even queue up downloads to download a bunch of videos at once.


Price: Paid

Trackitdown is an online music store catered toward DJs. They offer high-quality audio files for you to purchase and use as a DJ. They also have a subscription-based membership system. The membership system allows you to get access to a ton of discounts and offers.

Trackitdown’s membership system allows the members to pay significantly less for the tracks they want. They also offer sample packs for you to try out. They have top charts that allow you to get a lot of hits songs super-fast. Their library is also fairly extensive which makes them a good online store for DJs to get their music.


Traxsource Website Screenshot

Price: Paid

Traxsource is an online storefront for music. They sell a lot of tracks at very amazing prices. However, this storefront is not for mass consumers. Traxsource, as an online music store, caters to DJs. Their focus is on making an online store fit for the needs of a DJ.

You can listen to the tracks before you decide to buy the tracks. They provide high-quality audio files convenient for any DJ. They have their focus more on house music but their collection focuses on other genres too.

You can find a lot of tracks and their remixes on this platform. They have apps and software for every platform which are easy to use. You can easily directly download any tracks you decide to purchase.

Their website makes it very easy for a DJ to navigate. They have sections featuring the top choices from DJs. They also offer a lot of resources handy for DJs. their entire interface has one goal; to make it easy for a DJ to find the kind of music they want. Their curated lists make it very easy for you to discover new music.


Price: Paid

Youtube offers a premium music service that makes their music ad-free to watch. Maybe not the place to download your songs but certainly to stream a ton of songs.

YouTube has always been the go-to source for a lot of people to listen to music. Due to the nature of how anyone could upload videos, a lot of artists have uploaded their music here too. And recently YouTube has launched its premium subscription service YouTube music. Which makes music the focus and improves your music experience a lot.

Although you can not get any files, they offer an amazing streaming service. Almost all of us are very at home on YouTube. YouTube can help you find great stuff. From big-time hits to cover versions to remixes, you can find anything you want on YouTube in some form or other.

YouTube also has a ton of community content, a lot of it is music. With a YouTube music subscription, you have the option to play any video as a music track. This allows you to discover so much more to listen to. There are a lot of remixes, mashups, covers, and variant versions of songs you can only find on YouTube.

Although YouTube might not offer the most convenient options when it comes to DJing. It still is a great place for all sorts of music and is something you should have in your arsenal.


Price: Paid

iDJPool is an mp3 music pool for DJs to use. They have an amazing subscription model and a ton of music for you to select from. They offer tremendously high-quality mp3 files for DJs exclusively. You can easily directly download a ton of tracks.

Their download interface is a bit old-school. It feels similar to a file browser of some FTP site. But what they lack in the visual aesthetics department they make up for with their astonishing quality and an amazing library.

They offer a ton of variety and you can find a lot of remixes and variant versions of hit songs. Their fast and reliable delivery method makes them an amazing choice for any DJ looking for a quality music pool service. Their low commitment subscription service makes them almost a no-brainer.


Price: Paid

Although Apple has recently introduced Apple Music, its monthly subscription-based music streaming service, iTunes is still a fantastic storefront. You can buy just one song or a whole album or EP. Whether you buy just one track or all of them, they are yours to keep.

iTunes was the first online storefront to offer straightforward music purchases to customers. They offer amazing quality music files and you can take your iTunes library anywhere and use it on virtually any device.

A lot of DJs prefer owning their music rather than streaming it. This provides both quality and consistency. And no other place fulfills this wish as iTunes does. No other online store can offer you such a vast collection from which you to buy music.

iTunes is the go-to for anyone who still likes to own their music. You can rest assured that the music you bought you will continue to have access to for the foreseeable future. Their quality is unquestionably good. Everything a DJ could hope for from a music source.

12 Free Sources for DJs to Download Music From


Price: Free

Bandcamp is a service dedicated to music discovery and supporting artists. This platform focuses on helping artists grow. You can discover a lot of great music here. Artists can choose their prices. A lot of artists offer their music entirely for free while you can choose to pay to support them.

You can download by just giving your email address and zip code to the ones that the artists have made available. Some artists choose to offer both free streaming and downloading, while some artists offer free streaming but require payment for download. For a lot of tracks however you need to pay for access at all.

This is still an amazing free music platform as their collection of free music is extensive. And whatever you choose to pay is helping the artist grow. A lot of artists have seen growth through Bandcamp.

Hip hop, pop-rock, EDM, acoustic, whatever the genre might be, you are bound to find talented artists on Bandcamp. This is an amazing platform for DJs to find new music for their sets.


Price: Free

It might seem weird seeing the social media platform here on this list. But, indeed, you can find a lot of free music on Facebook. Facebook is not a music-focused service, so any music uploaded on Facebook isn’t for premium purposes.

A lot of artists upload some of their songs on Facebook for advertisement or other purposes. A lot of and-coming hip hop and EDM artists upload their tracks regularly on Facebook. You can also find some amazing cover artists. Facebook being a social media platform, a lot of people tend to cover a lot of songs to post here.

You should not be looking down on a social media site. There’s no telling what new and amazing music you might stumble upon. The best part is, that you probably already have a Facebook account and maybe you use it regularly too. You just need to keep your eyes open and with a little bit of effort, you can discover music for you to use as a DJ.


Price: Free

Jamendo was the first site to offer legal free streaming to the mass consumer. They have over half a million tracks from all over the globe. Their streaming services are amazing. They also have a licensing service for using music elsewhere if you would need that.

Their business model is entirely free if you want it to be. On the other side, you can support your favorite artists if you choose to do that. Their website is filled with free music for you to listen to or download. There are even tracks that are available for you to use in videos, you just need to credit them.

Jamendo focuses on sharing music usable on any device. This means their downloading features are amazing. Being able to download high-quality music is always a big plus when you are looking for music to use in your DJing sessions. All of the tracks are available for high-quality downloads.

Their radio and curated playlists are an amazing way to discover music. Their library includes music from over 150 countries, so there is a ton of variety. Jamendo’s collection of music in all genres is very extensive. So you do not have to worry about the lack of variety. It is by far one of the greatest free music services.


Price: Free

Noisetrade is a platform for direct-to-fan giveaways. It is used by artists to offer a lot of their work for free to their fans. You will need to sign up with your email and zip code to get the tracks. This is used by the artists to grow their fanbase.

A lot of artists give away free stuff on the noise trade to grow their fan following or increase the number of attendees at their concerts. As a DJ this can be an amazing resource to you. Many artists have provided some of their most popular tracks on this website. There are often different versions too.

Noisetrade is currently featured by Paste magazine. It is a very useful platform for anyone looking for more music to add to their library. They even offer a bunch of free ebooks and other written media which makes them even better.


Price: Free

Both free and premium service, it has a lot of music with its focus on instrumentals, hip-hop, electronic, and rock. There are tons of free music that you can download straight away without needing to create an account. But there are also plenty of options for premium songs.

The design of Soundclick makes finding music very easy. A ton of artists distribute their music through Soundclick. It is a service that prioritizes being friendly towards artists, so you know whatever you do here is supporting the artist directly.

Their design also makes it very easy to find new music. Their website puts user-created curated playlists front and center so you can discover some amazing playlists like this. And they have a very robust collection in every genre which makes sure that no matter what you are looking for you can find good music.

Prices are mostly set by the artists themselves, so a lot of the songs are free. While some songs require payment. Both their premium and free collection are very extensive, so you do not need to worry about the costs being too high.


Price: Free

Soundcloud is a very popular place where DJs upload their music and their sets. Some songs are free to download on Soundcloud if the DJ has uploaded them that way. However, you can stream their uploaded music for free if you are okay with reduced quality and with advertising in between songs.

This allows you to see and discover the sets and tracklists of other DJs. Which in turn helps you improve your capabilities. The Soundcloud community is also very active so you can gather a lot of help from there too.

Soundcloud is one of the best sources for discovering new and rising artists. Most independent artists these days start on SoundCloud. Soundcloud has now become a hub for all sorts of independent artists. You can find amazing hip hop and EDM tracks, along with stuff from many other genres too.

Soundcloud adds a new dimension to your discovering new music. It is an enriching experience whether you use it for DJing only, or even for your listening.

I tried to bring some of the most useful and high-quality sources for music for you to use in DJing. I included a few free sources too for further convenience. I hope this list of 26 Best Sites DJs Get Music from Online helped you in some way or another.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article all the way through. I wish I was able to add a bit more convenience to your DJing career. Thanks for reading. I wish you all the best in your DJing ventures. Until next time, farewell.

Other Sources for DJs to Download Music From


Podcasts are a great place for DJs to find new music. With so much new music being released every day, it can be hard to keep up with all the new releases. But by subscribing to a few select podcasts, DJs can easily stay up-to-date on the latest releases. In addition, podcasts provide an opportunity to discover new artists and genres that you may not have otherwise been exposed to. By tuning into a variety of podcasts, DJs can ensure that they're always ahead of the curve when it comes to new music. As a result, podcasts are an essential tool for any DJ who wants to stay on top of the latest trends in music.

Digital Radio

For DJs, digital radio is a place where new and undiscovered music can be found. With the vast amount of music that is available online, it can be difficult to find new tracks that have not been overplayed. However, by tuning into digital radio stations, DJs can explore a world of new music that they may have otherwise never discovered. In addition, by listening to digital radio, DJs can get an idea of what new tracks are being played by other DJs and what is popular among their listeners. As a result, digital radio can be an invaluable tool for DJs who are looking to expand their musical repertoire.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Soundcloud and Instagram have become a go-to source for finding new music for many DJs. With a few clicks, users can access an endless supply of tracks from up-and-coming artists around the world. This treasure trove of new music can be a great way for DJs to discover fresh sounds and stay ahead of the curve. However, sifting through all of the noise can be a daunting task. The key is to follow DJ accounts that share similar tastes in music, as well as search hashtags like #newmusic or #unsignedartist. By taking some time to explore social media, DJs can easily find new undiscovered music to add to their sets.

Local Stores

Local stores can be a great place to find undiscovered gems. By talking to the staff and other customers, DJs can get tips on which new artists to check out. Once a DJ has found a store that they trust, they can keep coming back to discover more new music. In addition to record stores, DJs can also find new music by attending local shows and listening to online radio stations. By staying open to new sounds, DJs can ensure that their sets are always exciting and enjoyable for their audiences.

Free Music Archives

DJing is all about finding the right track to fit the mood, and sometimes that means venturing beyond the mainstream. The Free Music Archive is a great place to discover new music and find tracks that will help you create a unique listening experience for your audience. With over 100,000 songs to choose from, the Free Music Archive offers a wide variety of genres and styles, making it easy to find the perfect track for any situation. And best of all, all of the music on the site is available for free. So whether you're looking for the latest hits or something a little off the beaten path, be sure to check out the Free Music Archive.

Independent Artist Hubs

Independent artist hubs are a great place for DJs to find new undiscovered music. These hubs are a place where unsigned and independent artists can upload their music for others to discover. DJs can use these hubs to find new tracks that they can play at their next gig. By being the first to play a new track, DJs can get ahead of the competition and stand out from the rest. So if you're a DJ, make sure to check out the independent artist hubs and find some new tunes to get the party started.

Why DJ Music Quality Is Very Important

DJ music quality is very important for several reasons. First, DJ music is often played at high volumes, so any imperfections in the recording will be amplified. Second, DJ music is typically layered and compressed, which can further exaggerate flaws in the recording. Third, DJ music is often pitch-shifted or time-stretched, which can also degrade sound quality. Finally, DJ music is often mixed with other tracks, so any sonic inconsistencies will be magnified. That's why it's important to use high-quality recordings when DJing. Recordings should ideally be recorded at 320kbps or higher to ensure optimum sound quality.

Remember to Have Fun Looking for New Music and When Djing

DJ'ing is all about having fun and playing the tunes that you love. When you're constantly looking for new music, it's easy to get bogged down in the details and lose sight of why you DJ in the first place. Having fun is important because it keeps you motivated and excited about DJ'ing, which in turn helps you stay creative and innovative in your sets. It also allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, as they can sense your genuine enjoyment of the music. So next time you're feeling stuck in a rut, remember to take some time to just have fun and DJ for the love of the music.

More info

Where do DJs get their music acapellas? I have made a post about where DJs get their music acapella for both free and premium in the article about the best places to get acapellas from online.


While there are many paid sources where DJs can find music for their sets, there are also a number of free resources that can be tapped into. By taking advantage of these free options and supplementing them with paid sources when needed, DJs can keep their music libraries fresh and expansive.

32 (Best places) DJs Get Music From In 2023
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DJs get their music from many sources. I have laid out almost every paid and free source available. Be sure to check out the helpful price table in this post

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